How to mount the hose on a portable air compressor

Compressors are used for different applications.  It is used in industry and for household cleaning, especially when it comes to removing stubborn stains. In car repair shops, the portable air compressor is normal equipment and is used to clean the car after washing.  One of the most important components is the air hose, which has unique properties to meet the demand for compressed air that flows through the hose to the air cannon. For people who want useful information on how to buy a good air hose reel for an air compressor, it is useful to read the best air hose reel magazines .

When selecting aair tube containing a coil of best air, consider its value.

If you use an air compressor, you should use the best air hose reels with which you can work without any problems. When compressed air flows through the hose, there is always the possibility that the hose may break.  You should purchase steel-reinforced rubber air hoses that can provide comprehensive service and safe operation.  Instead of vinyl or plastic hoses, it is better to use compressor air hoses with reinforced rubber sleeves.  Many of the best and air hose reels emphasize the importance of using steel-reinforced air hoses.

How to assemble – simple do-it-yourself methods

Most portable air compressors do not come with installed housing coils.  The situation can be messy and there is an easy way to solve problems.  If you have the necessary working tools, you can attach the air hose reel to the handle of the compressor.  There are many studies on air hose reels that solve installation problems with simple do-it-yourself methods.  Let’s see how a hose reel can be mounted on a portable compressor.

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Step 1: Equipment required:

  1. Power drill
  2. Drill set
  3. Tape measure
  4. bolt and nut
  5. Sheet metal 4 mm
  6. Safety glass
  7. Soldering burner
  8. Listoreza
  9. Adjustable button 2 noses.
  10. Reel for air hose installation

Step 2: Systematic method of attaching the air hose reel:

Remove the knob from the compressor and place it on the worktable. Measure with a tape measure around the handle of the compressor and maintain a width of 30 cm or the required width of the air hose reel base, depending on the measurement.  The idea is that the support base of the air hose should have enough space to attach it to the fabricated sheet metal.

Step 3: Leaf bending:

Bend the sheet metal around the compressor knob.  Use adjustable keys to hold the plate with the compressor handle.

Step 4: Marking of the holes in the base of the bracket:

Using a retractable air hose, mark the roller holes on the card and mark them so that they exactly match the roller holes.  When marking the base, make sure there is enough room for the crank to roll up the hose.

Step 5: Position mark on metal plate:

It’s an important step.  You must carefully copy the markings of the base hole on the sheet metal with a marker pen.

Step 6:  Holes:

Use a drill to carefully drill 4 blind holes in a plate.  Make sure that the foundation bolt can easily pass through the hole made.

Step 7:  Fixing point for bottom pipe:

Now place the base of the air hose on the sheet metal and fasten it with a nut and bolt.  Install it firmly so that it does not come out during use.

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Step 8:  Hose reel connection with compressor valve:

We’re entering the final phase.  After attaching the air hose reel to the handle of the compressor, connect the hose reel to the compression valve.  The compressor handle can then be mounted and securely fixed in the slot of the compressor receiver.

Short circuit

Your DIYproject, which consists of fitting a hose reel to a portable air compressor, has already been completed.  It’s pretty easy to do. You don’t need to be a technical expert to make this adaptation to your portable compressor.  The installation of a retractable drum with an air hose ensures a clean working atmosphere.  You no longer have to worry about unrolling and installing the air hose reel.  The provided video links give you a clear idea and a systematic method to implement this project.  There are many reviews of Best Air Hose Coils with valuable tips on how easy it is to get the job done.  If you have a better offer, please let us know your ideas.



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