How to increase the pressure of the water in the garden hose?


By increasing the water pressure in the hose, you can save a lot of energy and time when watering your garden and lawn. The extra water pressure allows you to keep on spraying, while at the end of the hose more water comes out for efficient and fast watering.

If your garden hose shows slight leaks, it can also reduce water pressure. In this case you need to buy a new garden hose. If there are no leaks, but you are still struggling with low water pressure, you really need to know how to increase the water pressure in your hose.

In this blog we mentioned relevant information about the increase in water pressure in the hose. All right, let’s start recognizing the base!

Understanding the Essence!

Nobody likes to waste time and energy spraying plants with sprinklers or water cans. Here you can use a garden hose to water the plants more easily and naturally. On average, a water hose about two metres long supplies 17 litres of water per minute. This way the hose saves you a lot of time.

Every garden needs a certain amount of water. It depends entirely on the type of plant you own and the number of plants on your site. That’s why you should always buy a hose that perfectly meets your needs.

Things to take into account when purchasing a garden hose

  • Choose between a rubber or vinyl water hose
  • The size of the pipe should match the size of your garden.
  • Choose a pipe with extra layers or bends if these increase the strength.
  • Follow a pipe with a larger diameter to increase the water flow.

Why is the water pressure dropping?

Before you learn how to increase your pressure, it is important to know why the water pressure drops first. If you notice a negative pressure in the hose, don’t worry. Low pressure of a garden hose is a common problem.

But it bothers everyone a little. In this case, the underlying problem must be investigated. Once you know the real reason, the solution becomes very simple. So let’s step by step find some of the most common causes of low water pressure. Watch the first step and go on!

Step 1: Note the length and diameter of the tube.

Increase the water pressure in the garden hose?

In general, the water pressure in a garden hose is determined by three factors. These factors include the length and diameter of the pipe and the water pressure. Longer hoses tend to reduce water pressure. Therefore, if you use a longer hose, you will certainly experience a problem of low water pressure. That’s why experts recommend everyone to use a standard sized water hose.

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On the other hand, you also need to buy a pipe with a larger diameter than the one you have now.  A garden hose with a diameter of about 1.5 inches delivers 9 liters of water per minute. Meanwhile, a pipe with a diameter of three quarters of an inch delivers 23 gallons per minute. So, rule one thing after you check these numbers.

Step 2: Note the operating hours

If you water the plants for a few hours when the water demand seems high, the water pressure may be low. In general, evening and morning are considered the busiest times on the water. An increase in water volume is currently planned.

So try changing your water program. This allows you to check whether or not the operating hours influence the pressure.

Step 3: Check garden mixer

Increase the water pressure in the garden hose?

In most cases garden taps are the real cause of the low water pressure in the garden hose. If you do not inspect your garden faucet often, check whether the problem persists. You have to check there for obstacles.

In this case the garden mixer must be repaired or replaced to increase the pressure in the water pipe. On the other hand, check the connection between the outside tap and the water pipe. Make sure the clutch is tight, straight and twisted. If this is not the case, you will run into a drop of water when connecting. This may be another reason for the low water pressure in the pipe.

Step 4: Leakage detection

Increase the water pressure in the garden hose?

If you do not find a defect on the outside, check your water hose again. In case everything seems okay, there must be a problem with your water hose. As you know, snakes tend to tear or leak after a while. Therefore, the hose must be repaired or replaced to increase the water pressure.

Step 5: Valve activation

Often we don’t forget to turn the water valve completely. This creates a negative pressure in the hoses. If this is the case, check whether or not you have turned on the water tap completely.

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Step 6: Pollution investigation

The water you use to maintain your garden may contain harmful substances. This problem can occur more often if you use grey water for irrigation more often. These impurities can clog the water pipe and eventually lower the water pressure. The most effective way to solve this problem is therefore to monitor water quality.

Step 7: Check water pressure

If you still have trouble with low pressure, you should install a pressure gauge on the main water line. This water pressure tester monitors the water pressure of the main source. These devices are quite cheap and are widely used in department stores or shops.

This pressure gauge can be installed on a garden tap or water tap. The ideal water pressure is between 40 and 45 psi. If your water analyzer indicates a value lower than 40, you should be wary of the likely cause.

How do I increase the water pressure in the garden hose?

Nowadays horticulturists use extra tools to increase the pressure in the water pipe. Some of these tools do wonders when it comes to increasing the water pressure in a garden hose. If you don’t know these instruments, we’re behind you!

So let us introduce you to these incredible tools for your garden to increase water pressure.

Increase the water pressure in the garden hose?

Submersible water pumps

The best way to increase the water pressure in a garden hose is to use a submersible pump. A water pump can deliver up to 37 liters of water per minute. This seems to be the simplest and easiest way to increase the water pressure.

On the other hand, the equipment can easily be taken along. In order to use a water pump, it must be switched on after storage in the water tank. This pump projects water into a high pressure hose.


The cheapest way to increase the water pressure is by using nozzles. This method is a traditional way of watering plants. However, this traditional practice of watering plants increases the pressure at the end of the water hose. At the moment there are sprinklers that gardeners can use to regulate the water pressure.

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Watch this video to see how these jets really work.

Water booster

Even boosters can be used to increase the pressure in the water pipe. The best thing about the water carrier is that it is possible to connect several hoses to one pump. These blowers supply each connected pipe with high-pressure water. If you want to build a mini fountain at home, water boosters are a good solution for you.

Now use these devices to effectively increase the water pressure in your garden hose. The water pumps and blowers will be used to distribute the water efficiently. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, sprinklers do the work for you.


Plants must not die because the water pressure in the pipe is too low. If you have a problem with low water pressure, solve the problem by following the steps above. You certainly won’t have to deal with a problem like that again and again.

Do not forget to regularly check the water pressure with a water pressure tester. This will put you out of your misery in the future. However, once the booster is installed, it is rarely possible to address the water pressure problem again. Excellent tools such as water boosters, nozzles and water pumps can be used to successfully increase the water pressure. Increase the water pressure now and continue to enjoy gardening like never before!

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