Hose Reels 101: Education Guide

If you try to expand your knowledge and understanding of hose reels, you will get a lot out of this tour. We can help by giving you sufficient information about how they work, the different types of hose reels and what to look out for before you buy a hose reel.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make a more informed decision when purchasing hose reels. Those who tend to buy impulsively are often unable to recognize the difference in quality between a good quality role and a bad quality role. This often leads them to spend money on things they don’t need.

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At the end of this article you will have enough information to know which core role is best for you. Read on to learn more about hose reels and become a better customer.

All about the hose reel

What is a hose reel?

Hose reels are cylindrical spindles made of plastic, fibreglass or metal. The most common forms of hose reels are motorised, hand-operated or sprung (self-locking) reels. Each of these coils is designed to irrigate your plants and help them reach their full potential.

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The first thing you need to know about hose reels is…

Why do I need a hose reel?

This is obvious, but it is better to have a hose reel than to keep the hose disorganized. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a hose reel


If the water pipes are left unattended, they can become a safety hazard. Someone could accidentally trip over them. Or someone could operate the hose and cause excessive fluid accumulation in the room. The reel protects you and your family by keeping the water hose in a safe place.


The hose reel reduces the mess in your garden. Instead of leaving the hose on the ground in a confused reel, you can place the hose with the reel where it is not exposed to debris, bacteria, or other contaminants that can affect its quality.

Keep the reel with you to keep your garden organized. A well-organized garden makes it easier to water plants, provides light and promotes healthy growth. Make sure you buy a hose reel to further improve the appearance of your garden.


Now that you know the advantages of sleeves, it’s time to find out which type of sleeve suits you best. Hose reels come in different sizes and each has a specific set of functions. Whatever you buy, you get a tool to help you use your garden hose and beautify your garden.

Fixed and portable hose reels

Fixed reels are the most common and easiest to use. They are usually equipped with a handle to wind the hose by hand and rewind it back onto the drum. Despite the simplicity of the design, the fixed core coils are made of different materials such as stainless steel and plastic. These changes therefore affect the total cost of your next hose reel.

A person using a portable hose reel

Portable sleeve reels are ideal when you need extra mobility. This type of wheel is constructed in the same way as a vertical trolley or handcart. Most portable hose reels are equipped with a handle to help the user roll up the hose on the reel. The carrier rollers are transported with heavy rollers or rubber wheels.

Manual and automatic hose reels

The manual reels are operated with a handle attached to the sides of the drum. The user must move the handle in the wind direction by hand and unroll the reel. Spring compression allows the user to rewind and unwind the hose more easily, but at a higher price than other types of coils.

Automatic hose reels type

The coils of the automatic hoses can be optionally spring, battery or compressed air operated. It is important to know the difference between three so that you can buy the right reel for your garden.

Rechargeable battery

Battery-operated reels work by winding and unwinding the hose at the push of a button. Because automatic coils are motor-driven, you need to invest in a coil that does not consume too much energy from your entire household.

Air hose reel

Air hose reels are known for their versatility and are used to wind and pull air hoses. They can be wall-mounted, stationary or portable. Each roll of air hose has a quick coupling function for power tools and hoses.

Air hose reels are normally installed in petrol stations, workshops and service centres, but they can also be installed at home and are ideal for frequent use of a compressor.

Water supply

As the name suggests, hose reels depend on hydraulic energy for their work. For the explanation they use a water engine driven by a piston. The piston contributes to the rapid conversion of water energy into mechanical energy. When you’re done with the drum, he’ll rewind the hose back on the drum.

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Water hose reel

Water-fed hoses are therefore perfectly suited for long-term horticulture. They are motorised coils, but they are not too expensive for users to use to their full potential. Try a water reel if you want a user-friendly automatic reel that saves you hundreds of energy bills a month.

Hose reel

If you want maximum mobility, take a look at the hose reel. Sleeve carts are similar to portable or mobile sleeve reels in that they are carried and pushed by the wheels. However, the hose reels are available in a table or horizontal version. Moreover, the reel carts usually contain storage elements and shelves for different types of water guns or quick couplings.

Hose reel for lid

Shelter coils can be mounted on the wall or freestanding and are usually box-shaped. Thanks to this design, the hose can be easily hidden and stored in a more organized place. In most cases hose reels use removable handles in the housing, making it easier to wrap the hose onto the reel and quick to install.

Decorative hose reel

Decorative core coils are designed according to the texture of your home. This type of reel is usually mounted on the wall or uses a crank to roll up the hose. They are used for ever simpler pipes and are used for visual rather than practical purposes.

Wall bracket

And finally the hose reels for wall mounting. They can usually be seen in garages, workshops and other places where an easily accessible hose is needed. Wall coils are reliable, inexpensive and can be used immediately after installation.

On average it takes at least 4 hours to install a hose reel correctly. When installed, the hose reel provides convenient storage for the hose and can dispense large amounts of water at the desired location. You can place the wheels on the wind wall by standing on your feet and they will add an exterior decoration to your garden.


After choosing the type of reel, the most important thing is to examine the specifications.

A modern hose reel


The first characteristic is the material of the roll core:


Vinyl is a more popular choice with homeowners. These hoses are lightweight, versatile and easy to use. You should get a vinyl pipe if you plan to do simple garden projects that require little water.


Rubber materials have a much higher wear resistance and are used by contractors. You will want to use this hose reel material if you have a large project. Because they are made of rubber, the hot water can easily be transported by means of rubber coils.

Automatic options

The possibilities of an automatic hose reel have many advantages:

  • Motorised reels make it easier to start up and rewind the hose and save time compared to a manual reel.
  • It’s safer to use. Sometimes you accidentally put your hand in the flywheel of a traditional reel. Automatic hose reels dispel this fear by making it easier to roll up the hose without endangering your life or that of others.
  • Keep your barn, and the garden looks clean and tidy. Automatic hose reels are perfect for maintaining order in the environment and offer more security than unrolled garden hoses.

Hose length and width

Finally, the length and width of the hose reel must be stated:


The length of your hose can vary from 50 to 350 feet. The hoses are available in steps of 25 feet. On average, your garden needs 50 to 75 feet of pipe. However, you may need a longer hose if you are trying to reach areas that are not close to the center.

Green garden hose

A tap is a water tap to which a hose is attached. For larger projects you need pipes up to 75-100 feet long. This allows you to water the target area with enough length to roll up the hose safely when you are finished.


The width of the drum is an important factor to take into account when searching for the next core. The width of the reel is usually measured by the diameter of the hose. The average diameter of your hose is 5/8. Although some professional contractors prefer a diameter of ¾ because it provides more water.


Hose reels offer many advantages for their users. First of all, proper storage and maintenance of hose reels extends the life of the hose and protects it from unintentional breakage and wear caused by elements such as snow and sunlight. Here are our best manufacturers of sleeve drums:

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Solar radiation

Suncast is known as one of the leading companies in the field of tubular wheels. The company offers products such as blinds, indoor and outdoor tools and hose reels. You should buy from this company if you need a reliable and safe hose reel that will last more than 5 years.

If you have ever had problems with one of their products, you have a 25 year warranty. If the hose reel breaks or becomes defective, you can return it for a free replacement.

Garden products for the Garden

We believe that Liberty Garden Products is one of the best companies for sleeve barrels. What distinguishes them is that their products are presented in styles such as modern or classic. They use the best materials and practical designs to make your garden shine a little.

All their products are manufactured according to the strictest standards. They ensure that their hose reels are strong and resistant to harsh outdoor conditions such as snow, ice and bacteria. By using high quality coated steel, aluminium and some brass fillers, your hose reels have a long service life.

Hose sleeve on the wall

You can rely on Liberty Garden Products because their tools have proven themselves against their competitors.


Ames is a company known for its garden and landscape tools. Each of their products is designed to help you manage and complete the most intensive projects. Your hose reels are easy to use and you will get a lot of help when you buy one of their products.

Main bearing

If you need a fully functional hose reel, you should buy one from The Home Depot. The Home Depot is a very popular American tool manufacturer offering products for the do-it-yourselfer up to the professional level of gardening, such as landscaping.


Lowes is a retail chain that specialises in home improvement and household appliances. The company has 1,840 locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada. They are the second largest hardware network company after Home Depot. But they passed other companies like OBI and B&Q.

Since its foundation in 1921, Lowes has built a reputation as a supplier of household goods. We advise you to buy at Lowe’s if you want a hose reel with a maximum return. If a problem occurs, you will be protected by the Lowe protection plan. The company reimburses up to $300 for each damaged hose reel.

How to place the hose correctly on the reel.

If you want to attach the hose to the reel correctly, you must follow the following 4 basic steps.

  • Start assembling the parts of the hose reel on the new reel according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then place the trolley or reel next to a water source, such as a tap or a shed that has a water supply.
  • Place the rubber disc on the female side of the water entering the drum. The water connection has male and female surfaces. The internal and external threads are aligned in different directions. The female end is horizontal to the ground, while the male end is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Screw part of the supplied guide tube to the female end. Turn the hose clockwise to keep it tightly closed. Connect it to the opposite side of the guide hose and the water connection. Tighten the guide tube slightly.
  • Connect the end of the tubing to the end of the plug and secure it. Turn both clockwise. Pull the hose by pressing the retract button on the automatic reel or by turning the manual button clockwise.

Do it yourself Hose reels

If you need a hose reel to easily store your garden hose, you can buy it from a retailer or make it yourself. Follow these 7 steps to build your unique hose reel in a few hours.

Hose reel for a car rim

Step 1: Getting a wooden pin

Search and visit various companies that sell products to improve living conditions, such as wooden spindles. Pins are used to hold the hose in place while the unit is being rolled up or unrolled. If your pipe is about 20-24 inches in diameter, it is excellent for pipe lengths up to 25-50 feet. Use a 36-pin for longer pipes.

Step 2: Creating frames

Then you must cut 2 x 10 types of wood in two equal lengths of 20 (small pins) or 30 (large pins). Cut the ¾ inch plywood to the optimal size for the base of the coil. It should be one and a half to two times the total length of the spindle.

Step 3: Drilling different holes for connections

You have to measure the diameter of the valve. Use a drill bit larger than the diameter to drill holes in 2×10 wood, allowing you to centre the spindle. Make sure that the top of the spindle is at the same level as the top of the wood.

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For example, if you have a pin with a diameter of 24 inches, make sure that the holes in the reinforcement are about 12 inches from the top base of the wood.

Step 4: Threaded rod and spindle

You will need extra help with this step. Ask an additional technician to help you by pulling the reinforcement rod through the 2×10 holes you have pre-drilled and the center of the pin. The weight of your spindle should make it possible to use the hose reel without it falling over.

Step 5: Handle mount

Use the wood screws to attach the length of the spade to the outside of the spindle. Then the small L-shaped brackets have to be attached. Secure the clamps with the wood screws so that the handle stays in place.

Step 6: Paint on a roll

Painting or finishing the roll according to your needs.

Painting the vehicle cover for hose reels

Step 7: Connecting the water hose

For the final step, the hose must be pulled onto the spindle. You should leave enough space at the back of the bobbin to be able to reach the faucet easily. Then you have to screw the water hose with the C-clamps on any spindle on the spindle side.

And so you make your own personal hose reel. Although it doesn’t have as many features as a shop bought reel, you can keep it as long as you have the money to buy your own reel. See our next section to see if you can maintain the reel properly. This increases the life of the coil and makes it easier to use it for longer periods of time.

Maintenance and cleaning

We created this section to give you more tips and tricks for working with the hose reel. Follow these tips to make sure your hose reel lasts all season.

  • If you have space, choose a drum with a hose with a larger capacity than you need. It keeps the hose protected in its disc size and makes it easier to wind the hose.
  • By rotating the reel it is possible to change and rotate the reel while the hose is wound up and unwound. It has rubber O-rings that can be exposed to certain contaminants such as water, chemicals and bacteria. Regular inspection of O-rings to reduce leakage and maintain quality
  • Keep an extra pair of O-rings for faster repair.
  • Let your hose reel do the work. Even a short garden hose is uncomfortable to carry. Depending on the size of your operation, pulling on the reel can put too much strain on your back. Use the trolleys to move the hoses with less effort.
  • Turning pipes can be a tedious task, so it is best to invest in equipment that makes the process easier. Powerful reels are an excellent choice because they allow you to start the hose automatically. With at least one hose with a crank handle, the hose can be wound into a clean reel.


Hose reels are important for the development of any garden. They are reliable and enable users to water their plants faster than is possible on site. If you want your garden to be at its best, you need a hose reel to maintain the quality and service of the reel.

Portable hose reel

This is the end of our core training manual for coils. However, there are a few things we’ve overlooked. We invite you to read our purchase guide to find out which roll of liner meets or exceeds your expectations. Here we present to you the five best sleeves available on the market today.

If you have questions or concerns, you can share them in the Comment section.



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