Condenser Hose Compressor is called

A compressor for a liquefaction pipe is called

A compressor for a liquefaction pipe is called

The LIQUID pipe is a pipe or conduit that connects the condenser to the expansion valve. LOW DISTRIBUTION – The part of the system from the opening of the expansion valve to the straw valve of the compressor via the evaporator line or the service line of the compressor. The is also called on the suction side.
The refrigerant circulates through the evaporator using a refrigerant compressor and then releases heat when the vapours in the condenser condense.
The high pressure side (high pressure parts) of the air conditioning system consists of an air conditioner compressor, an air conditioner condenser and an air conditioner dryer. The AC compressor compresses the low pressure refrigerant in the high pressure gas. The compression process generates heat in the pressurized refrigerant.
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It returns to the evaporator coil in small pipe , which is called liquid pipe . Supply or return to the condenser /Compressor, normally a pipe with a diameter greater than .
This is usually called the suction line, but is also called the return line or the return line . The oil used to lubricate the compressor moves with the refrigerant. They can be installed in the liquid line near the condenser outlet or near .
Air conditioning coil – Air conditioning coupling – A/C Compressor – A/C Condenser – Air conditioning evaporator core – Air conditioning expansion valve – Door control for heating mixer – Integrated A/C .

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